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Nuestra Sangre Boringuenlla Lamma Print (Signed)


Nuestra Sangre Boringuenlla Lamma Print (Signed)

Nuestra Sangre Boringuena Llama.jpg
Nuestra Sangre Boringuena Llama.jpg

Nuestra Sangre Boringuenlla Lamma Print (Signed)



This print represents what is currently going on in our island of Puerto Rico. The financial crisis that the island is going through it's affecting every family. Many are migrating into the mainland of the United States. The painting depicts our island "women" being held down by the United States anchor and financial debt.

We can also notice a soldier "which represents the countless of Puerto Rican that has been lost is US affairs. The artwork has many symbolism such as the coffee picker, the farmer, the teacher, and the lion(Ponce) being held down.

The church of Parroquia San Antonio De Padua in Guayama, where I was baptist represents the main faith in Puerto Rico because no matter our struggles we will always have faith and succeed.

After all we are all in this together.

Our borriquena is topless because it is our dignity as a nation being strip down.

Angels from heaven coming down to cover her and our people liberating her with our national machete. As the cuatro our symbolic music guitar plays the national anthem "La Borinquena". We will not go down, we will succeed, we are the pearl of the Caribbean the land of a thousand blessing where joy of smile crosses from east to west.

This painting represents us all at this moment. It is the people's painting.

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